“The right crowd, and no crowding”
(Brooklands Automobile Racing Club 1913)

Anyone can come and enjoy the Bike Shed without being a member, but BSMC Membership has real benefits, all based on the unique community, connection and experience that biking brings all of us. Most importantly, membership is about belonging. Club visitors are surrounded by like-minded people who feel like this is their club. And it is. Friendships are made, adventures are planned, and the vibe is like few other places.


Our membership team is there to help bring members together for meets, events and rides. We host two regular evenings meetings every month, and at least one ride, so you can get properly introduced to your fellow Bike Shed members and meet a fantastic crowd of people who have come together to be part of this adventure. You will also meet some of the Bike Shed team, to get insights and input into what we are planning for the future.

Bike Shed LA has the added benefit of the members only bar and private spaces for members to socialise & connect.


Our team runs members-only experiences and events, like the monthly hosted Captain’s Table dinners, Q&As, screenings, plus members get first-dibs on sold-out events like entry into Bike Shed Festival racing and the regular Bike Shed Scrambles. Our members' newsletter will keep you up to date with what is going on every week. Members are also invited to join our private BSMC page on Facebook where we share club information, while members can arrange their own meets and rides, get help and advice, and share interesting news info with other members.


The main benefit of membership for most people is meeting other riders, striking up friendships and planning your own experiences and adventures. Many of our members join-up to take part in non-Bike Shed events, planning their own trips, rides and meets outside the club or with our peers and partners. Previously our members have planned jungle-biking holidays in the far East, rides across Europe and much more. We encourage members to use the community and our Bike Shed space to create your own adventures - with people you already know, or discover a new crowd.

Bike Shed members enjoy regular organised events, from off-road weekend camping trips in the wilds to simple weekend breakfast meets & rides, hosted by our membership team and senior crew, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned rider

Bike Shed Members are invited to join our BSMC Group page on facebook to follow news on our events, create their own, and organise rides and meets, or just share information & advice


While our club is not all about discounts, members get 10% off Bike Shed gear & apparel online and up to 20% when you shop in-store in London, with 10% discount on selected brands


Members also benefit from a discount in our cafe, bar and restaurant from Mondays to Fridays and seven days a week in our Barbershop


Members skip the queues and benefit from free VIP entry plus one guest to our big annual events, including the London show at Tobacco Dock and the Bike Shed Festival


BSMC Membership also gives you first option on Bike Shed track days, Sunday scrambles, exclusive hosted dinners with biking heroes and legends, and limited edition Bike Shed gear and apparel

Bike Shed Los Angeles opened in April 2022, and along with offering a huge space in the LA Arts District the club will have an exclusive private bar allowing our members to escape from the crowd into a more intimate space with full bar service and food.


To join the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club here and now, and use our London club, all you need to do is read all the information on this page, and if you like what you read, click the big image below.

Your application will be reviewed and, assuming you qualify (see below), you'll be granted full membership within 5 working days. If your application is rejected we will return your application fee immediately.


All casual visitors are welcome in the Bike Shed's public spaces, whether they ride or not, but Bike Shed Motorcycle Club members must be motorcycle riders, although we don't expect you to turn up on two-wheels every time you visit. We also don't care whether you're brand new to riding or a seasoned pro, and we don't care what bike(s) you have - as long as you ride.

Beyond that simple requirement we are seeking like-minded people to be part of a real community, and that takes all sorts, so we expect riders from all tribes and types to be part of our membership.


Prospective BSMC members will need a reference from another member or someone in the Bike Shed crew (who you can name-check when you apply online), or you can apply online now without a referee, and we will arrange a short informal meeting to make sure that the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club is right for you, and that you are right for us.


Bike Shed membership is global, so all members can visit both clubs, but the price you pay for membership is based on the club closest to where you live, and where you will visit most often.

Our LA destination is much bigger than our London space, with more facilities and services, and members have exclusive access to our club bar. Bike Shed LA membership will also have limited numbers.


£350 per year* or £40 a month.**

*this is an annual subscription and will automatically renew.

**monthly subscriptions are for a minimum of 12 months.


Yes, and BSMC Members must adhere to them to keep their membership. Rules and conditions are further down the page. Please scroll down and check them out before you press any buttons to apply.


We ask members - and all Bike Shed visitors - to be considerate to other members, customers and neighbours in London and DTLA. We might love to push the limits when we ride on the streets, but we ask our visitors to refrain from stunting, speeding or unnecessary loud revving in or near our premises, and to respect other residents and businesses in the area. ... We already know what a motorcycle sounds like, and so do our customers.

Bike Shed's staff are there to make your experience as good as it can be, from the membership team and managers to the bartenders and wait-staff, to the chefs and cleaners. They work hard, and we expect a lot from them. Many of them also ride, and are passionate about the club. In other circumstances they could be one of you, so, treat them kindly - and remember - you can judge a lot about a person by how they treat those who serve or work for them.

We will do all we can to protect our member's privacy wherever they are in our public and private spaces.

Please do not take any photographs in the member's areas. We will also ask all customers to refrain from taking photographs of people not in their own personal group during their visit to the Bike Shed without permission.

When there are no large events, we sometimes allow overnight parking for members arranged in advance, or agreed on the day, at the manager's discretion.

We expect everyone to park their motorcycle considerately to make room for other members and customers. Badly parked motorcycles may be moved, or removed.

Leave your differences at the door. The Bike Shed is common ground for all members and visitors, and we are a safe space for all who love moto-culture. We do not tolerate any discrimination.

The members' lounge and other members' spaces in Los Angeles are exclusively for members, plus one guest when we are not too busy. However, the members bar cannot accommodate all members at the same time, and access to this exclusive bar should not define your BSMC membership. Bear in mind that the whole club space is for members, albeit non-exclusively.

Membership is not transferable.
Guests visiting members-only areas must be accompanied by the member at all times.
Members cannot pass their discounts or privileges to any third party. Do not lend your membership card to a friend or partner.

Although the BSMC or it's members may organise formal and informal meets and rides, please be aware that you are solely liable for your own personal insurance, safety and behaviour during any ride.

We assume the following:
1. You are fully licensed and insured, and riding a safe & legal motorcycle.

2. You are not intoxicated or inhibited from being able to ride your motorcycle in any way.

3. You are not expected to keep up with the speed of any group or individual rider. In other words, set your own pace, ride within your limits, and make sure you feel safe when you are riding. We will never judge your speed or abilities on any ride.

4. You are responsible for riding within the law, including observing speed limits and general rules of the road.

...We will of course help you in the event of any accident, and no member or guest would ever be left alone at the roadside, but we also assume you have your own insurances to cover any healthcare needs that may arise.

In Summary; the BSMC does not insure any group ride or meeting on a public road or at a third party private space, unless that is stipulated in advance; usually part of a special event, such as a track day, etc.

If you are unsure about any of the above, please ask.

Membership is a privilege and not a right.

Membership applications may be refused without a reason being given.

Annual Membership Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, but we are unable to give partial refunds.

Monthly Subscription is for a minimum of one year.

If club rules are broken, membership can be suspended or cancelled without warning.

Refunds will only be given on termination of active BSMC membership at the club's discretion.


Bike Shed does not allow members of patched MC's or motorcycle gangs with any criminal history to visit our destinations in London or LA wearing MC colours. Individual members are welcome to visit without club colours.

Regardless of actual behaviour, we always want our staff, customers and members to feel safe in an unintimidating environment.

Other non-affiliated groups and clubs are welcome, but visitors may be asked to remove clothing that looks like 'colours' to enter our London and LA venues, at the discretion of the Manager on the day.


If you want to know more about who we are and how we came to be, you can read all about our founders, our backers and our Bike Shed Family here